• yellow steps
  • storm brewing in the solent
  • St helens steps
  • Skiathos old town
  • richmond park
  • jerusalem tavern 2
  • george on solent original
  • Evangelistria
  • deck days
  • birdy bird

I’ve always been interested in photography. As an Art Director I’ve not only worked with some of the great advertising and fashion photographers, but travelled extensively giving me experiences on many creative levels.

Photography is also a lot easier today as it’s free – snapping away to your hearts content.
My photography is personal and a great reference point and memory for my family. It’s a visual diary that i keep updated regularly by either posting or as I have done for many years ‘sticking them in the family album’.

These the kids regularly take out and revisit, remembering the time the place and the stories behind the photos.

If you’d like to see more visit: photos/simonbutlercreative/