A recent global spot for Land Rover following on from the 2015 launch campaign ‘Adventure. It’s in our DNA’
Directed by Simon Ratigan

For American Airlines we were in the privileged position to have one of the worlds great actors on board. Working closely with Kevin Spacey and Director Chris Palmer we wrote four individual characters for Kevin to immerse himself in. This reinforced the strategy that everyone’s treated as an individual on American Airlines and not just a passenger.
Directed by Chris Palmer

This is one of two Global commercials made for Sony Mobile handsets in the summer of 2012 in Barcelona.
Watch carefully. At 43 secs I’m attacking the ‘grab a bear’ machine. Shirt ‘stylists’ own.
Directed by Canada.

This was a campaign that ran globally for Unilever. At Lowe’s I was Joint CD across the Unilever business running the household cleaning business as well as Pepperami and Hellmanns’ mayonnaise.
Directed by Ivan Zacharias.

This campaign launched not only the Tesco fashion range but introduced the red price roundel and ‘ping’ that became synonymous with all Tesco advertising. As a retail account I produced brand campaigns for Tesco as well as fast turnaround press and posters for all their everyday activity.
Directed by Jim Jenkins.